Myths Debunked About Live Virtual Learning

Myth #1 Virtual Training isn't interactive.

Fact: ExecuTrain's virtual classroom allows students to easily engage with the instructor and fellow students. Students are encouraged to communicate with the instructor and other attendees to speak up verbally or through the chat function. 

Myth #4 Virtual training is easier academically than classroom training. 


Fact: Virtual courses deliver the same quality content and subject matter expertise as an in-person classroom setting.

Myth #2 The class requires hands-on activity that can't be done virtually.

Fact: The same labs and activities are used in the classroom as well as the live virtual environment.  Students in both settings use labs and other activities to complete the course.

Myth #3  I get easily distracted when learning at home 

Fact: Our subject matter experts are trained to keep you engaged and focused, even when you’re not in the room.

Myth #5 You have to be a tech whiz to take online courses  

Fact: Well-designed technology doesn’t have that steep of a learning curve.  Platforms for online learning are becoming more sophisticated and designed for better student experiences.

Myth #6  Online classes are lower quality 

Fact: Research over many decades has shown that the outcomes for those studying at a distance do not differ from those in a classroom.