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Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where can I find the available courses?

       A.  Call us  (208) 327-0768  or click here:

Q,  Which Courses will I need to become a Realtor?

       A.  Getting your real estate license requires taking a 90 hour pre-license course. Commonly referred to as 

      Module 1 and 2 (split into 2 separate courses)

                                     PR001 Sales Prelicense Module 1 (45 hours) - Study of fundamental real estate concepts.

        PR002 Sales Prelicense Module 2 (45 hours) - Study of the knowledge and applied                                skills involved in listing, selling, buying and closing property.

Q.  How much does a salesperson prelicense class cost?

      A.  When you register for both module 1 and 2 at the same time the cost is $675 includes class materials.

Q.  How do I get a salesperson license?

      A.  Idaho State Licensing Requirements can be found here:

Q.  Are books required for the course?  

      A.  All course materials are available at ExecuTrain upon registration.  

Q.  What if I have to miss class? 

      A.  Attendance is taken at the beginning and end of each class session.  We strongly suggest you schedule

      your courses when you can dedicate the your time to attend all class sessions and any required exam


      If you are absent during any class session you will be required to complete a makeup session at the

      discretion of the instructor.

Q.  Is ExecuTrain in compliance with the Idaho State Requirements?

      A.  Yes.  ExecuTrain is certified by the Idaho Real Estate Commission.

Q.  Why do I need to have my fingerprints taken for licensing?

      A.  Idaho Code 54-2012(1)(j) and 54-2012(2)(c) require salesperson and broker license applicants

      to be fingerprinted to determine qualification for licensure.  

                          To schedule an appointment for fingerprinting:

Q.  How much should I expect to pay to start my career as a realtor?

      A:  Overall you can expect to pay approximately $1700.00.  Additional costs/fees at startup or as required by

      your broker The average costs are:

  • Classes and books : ≈ $600

  • Fingerprints: ≈ $60

  • License Exam: ≈ $80

  • License: ≈ $160

  • E&O Insurance: ≈ $210

  • Realtor® Dues: ≈ $550

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